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Daily intake of IMMUNIA products during the colder seasons helps to act in the PREVENTION of influenza (colds, the flu and sinusitis)!

Through their immunomodulating and anti-radical actions, they allow for the reduction of joint inflammation and help relieve arthritis pain and rheumatism (auto-immune diseases).

Fruitomed now makes the natural antioxidant easily available anytime all year around thanks to “ Elderberry concentrated extract IMMUNIA“. IMMUNIA products are produced from elderberry fruits CULTIVATED 100% IN QUEBEC using biologic methods and the clusters are handpicked in order to select nothing but healthy fruits matured to perfection (bursting of antioxidant).

Naturals products authorized by Health Canada which contains a high concentration of polyphenols primarily of the flavonoids.



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IMMUNIA PURE:………..Cold concentrated extract of Canadian Elderberries (Sambucus Canadensis)…….5 ml : 16,250 mg
IMMUNIA SYNERGY: …5 most antioxidant fruits grown in Canada (Elderberry, blue honeysuckle,  wild blueberry, aronia, black currant)…….5 ml : 17,230 mg

No chemical preservative (No potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate) / No alcohol / No water or sugar added / 100% PURE  /  (No dairy products, wheat, gluten, yeast or corn.)

Fruits 100% GROWN IN QUEBEC with organic fertilizers, no pesticides or herbicides.

120 ml

RECOMMENDED DOSE (by Health Canada):
Adults:……………………… 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per day (24 days/bottle)
Can be taken every day at any time throughout the year. (Suggested cessation  of 1-2 months/year)

Delicious as is (fruity taste).

Ideally on an empty stomach in the morning or before the midday meal. IMMUNIA gives energy, so taking it at night could disturb sleep. 

Contraindication for diabetics:

None (a 5 ml dose is equivalent to only one gram of sugar).


If hypersensitivity (i.e. allergy) develops, stop use.
There may be a diuretic effect (increased urination= elimination of toxins).
Consult your doctor if you are pregnant of breastfeeding.

Keep cool and REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING. Best if consumed within 30 days.
IMMUNIA is sold in an amber bottle to ensure the integrity and stability of the polyphenols.

Shelf life BEFORE opening: 18 months.

NPN: Naturals health products approved by Health Canada
IMMUNIA PURE:……….NPN #: 80079479

IMMUNIA is an easy solution for getting polyphenols at any time of the year in order to optimize your natural antioxidant intake. Antioxidants are available in our food. We all know that we need to eat 7 to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables every day for adequate vitamin, mineral, fibre and polyphenol (antioxidants) intake.
However, in real life, many of us do not eat the required 7 to 10 portions or are unable to choose the most nutritious fruits in order to benefit from a sufficient intake and a good diversity of antioxidants. According to an American study, daily intake of 10 portions of fruits and vegetables would allow for an (average) intake of 12.43 mg of anthocyanins. Although eating whole fruits and vegetables is preferable for their fibre content, IMMUNIA PURE allows people whose diet is deficient to consume 14.5 mg of anthocyanins in a single teaspoon (5 ml) and 20 mg in IMMUNIA SYNERGY.

Antioxidants are necessary to our organism because they neutralize free radicals of the body. These are caused, amongst others, by pollution, UV rays, radiation exposure, chemical products as well as life bad habits such as tobacco consumption, alcohol and modified foods. During the course of aging, the free radical generation increases and its quantity becomes superior to the antioxidant defense capacity of our organism which result in oxidation damage called stress oxidation and cause the apparition of many illnesses.

Fruits and vegetables contain many natural antioxidants and some are more beneficial than others for our health. We all know that we must consume 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. However, the reality is that a lot of people are not in a position to pick the most antioxidant fruits or to consume enough varieties to benefit of a good natural antioxidant diversity.

Fruitomed now makes the natural antioxidant accessible, easy and pleasant to consume and that throughout the year thanks to the polyphenol concentrated extract IMMUNIA…a solution that enables you to optimize your consumption of natural antioxidants to better and maintain a good health.