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I am 73 years old and last year, I tore my left lateral ligament. After consulting: An orthopedist and having X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI testing, I was told that I had arthrosis and that even if I went through an operation, it would always hurt (there is no cure for arthrosis)…

Since I have been taking Immunia Synergy, I have no more pain. In the month of March, I started having a trigger finger and arthrosis in my right hand, near the wrist, and that was keeping me from using my right hand. Now, after 2 months of taking Immunia Synergy, I can use my hand like before and my finger no longer locks up.

Thank you Fruitomed!





I’ve been suffering from acute emphysema for several years and I often have to take antibiotics and cortisone because of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. This is uncomfortable and it destroys intestinal flora and weakens the immune system. I found Immunia (the elderberry product) a year ago and since, I have virtually no secretions. Chronic bronchitis and hospital stays, that’s all under control. Immunia is greatly responsible for these wonderful results for my health. I feel a lot better and I greatly recommend it.

Claude L.






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