Discover the power of polyphenols,
beneficial natural molecules that improve and maintain good health.

D'ou viennent les polyphenols

What are polyphenols?

Essentially, polyphenols are natural antioxidants. To this day, close to 10,000 polyphenols have been identified and some of them are recognized as having great medicinal properties, with several scientific studies showing their health benefits…

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roles des antioxidants

Role of antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary for our bodies because they neutralize free radicals in the body. With aging, free radical generation increases and their quantity surpasses the antioxidant defence capacities of our bodies, which causes oxidative damage, like rust on metal. In other words, an antioxidant is simply a good molecule (a little soldier) that transforms free radicals into harmless products and thus reduces their negative effects…

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High concentration of polyphenols

IMMUNIA is a concentrated elderberry extract with a high concentration of polyphenols obtained through a cold concentration process. In addition to being delicious, IMMUNIA is ideal for people whose fruit and vegetable intake is low and who do not consume enough antioxidants…

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I was riddled with osteoarthritis for two years. Two months ago, I began an elderberry treatment with the Immunia product. Since then, my osteoarthritis and my swollen knee… they are a thing of the past. My digestion is better, as well as my circulation. I also had nasal polyps, which have disappeared. This product is particularly and surprisingly effective.

Claire (Lasalle)

After using Immunia for about a month, I have reduced the pain in my hands caused by osteoarthritis by at least 80%. I can move my fingers in the morning, when I wake up, without pain or difficulty. I also had a tumor (non-cancerous) in my right hand for which I was going to need to undergo an operation; the tumor has shrunk by 95%. So maybe there is no need for the procedure? I have a lot more energy.


I have been using Immunia for 4 months. This winter, I went golfing in Florida. I noticed a change in my vision. I could follow the ball hit by my friends, more than 250 yards away, anytime and with incredible sharpness. My friends said they loved my eyes because they never needed to look for their golf balls. My spouse, who has eagle eyes that I always envied, couldn’t believe it. The only new product I used is Immunia. My husband doesn’t like to take products, but now he wants this one. Immunia has become a part of my life.

Marie Boudreau

I am 73 years old and last year, I tore my left lateral ligament. After consulting: An orthopedist and having X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI testing, I was told that I had arthrosis and that even if I went through an operation, it would always hurt (there is no cure for arthrosis). Since I have been taking Immunia Synergy, I have no more pain. In the month of March, I started having a trigger finger and arthrosis in my right hand, near the wrist, and that was keeping me from using my right hand. Now, after 2 months of taking Immunia Synergy, I can use my hand like before and my finger no longer locks up. Thank you Fruitomed!


I’ve been suffering from acute emphysema for several years and I often have to take antibiotics and cortisone because of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. This is uncomfortable and it destroys intestinal flora and weakens the immune system. I found Immunia (the elderberry product) a year ago and since, I have virtually no secretions. Chronic bronchitis and hospital stays, that’s all under control. Immunia is greatly responsible for these wonderful results for my health. I feel a lot better and I greatly recommend it.

Claude Lemire (Plessisville)

I wanted to write to you to express my satisfaction with your product. My husband, my son and I took Fruitomed all winter and we did not get the flu. Plus we were full of energy. I will reorder next winter.  Thanks again.

Lauraine Isabelle

I am a nurse by training and was diagnosed, about 18 months ago, with inflammatory lower back pain that continues to this day. Before taking Immunia and elderberry tea every day, which I have been doing for 6 months, I had to take 1 anti-inflammatory pill in the morning, 2 pills at lunchtime and 2 more in the evening, along with arthritic Tylenol when necessary. Now I only need one anti-inflammatory tablet at bedtime, and this is only if I’ve had a long work day. Plus, I did not get a cold or the winter flu.


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