Relieve Cold and Flu faster

This kit includes 3 must-have products. A 120 ml bottle of IMMUNIA elderberry syrup (24 doses), 15 g of elderflower herbal tea and a bag of 15 Honey and Eucalyptus lozenges. The ultimate Cold and Flu kit for dealing with colds and flu when the winter months arrive.

Immunia ELDERBERRY SYRUP: (per 5 ml dose) Elderberry concentrate (15,000 mg), Elderflower (15 mg), Peppermint (15 mg) and thyme (2.5 mg). Delicious taste. No alcohol or added sugar.  Helps reduce and soothe cold and flu symptoms (such as cough, sore throat, and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract) quicker. NPN: 80093603.

Elderflower HERBAL TEA 15 g. (bulk). Allows you to make 15 cups of delicious herbal tea to help clear your sinuses.

Bag of 15 honey and eucalyptus LOZENGES to gently melt in your mouth. Delicious taste. Made with Canadian honey.

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Cold and Flu KIT